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Introducing the SMOOTH: TWO3 Cement Collection

Everything is in stock and ready to ship.


This is a project that the Smooth Gear team has been working on for the past several months.  Since its inception, Smooth Gear has always been a clothing line that has its roots in the sneaker culture.  Over the years, we have created apparel collections inspired by sneakers, and now we have decided to make the leap and design our very first sneaker.  This project has been a dream both Chad and Nick have had for many years and we both felt the timing was right to make it happen.   


Introducing the SMOOTH: TWO3.  The first sneaker designed by Smooth Gear.  


The initial colorway will be Cement.  The inspiration for this was two-fold.  First, the area where Chad and Nick grew up (Lehigh Valley) was very heavily involved in the cement industry.  Secondly, we both felt that as cement is a major part of building a strong foundation, it is a perfect colorway for our first release to build a strong foundation for future releases and collections.     


We are also planning to release an apparel collection to coincide with the sneaker release.  The collection will include tees, cargo pants, basketball shorts, and some accessories to go with the sneakers (such as extra laces and socks).  


This collection is planned to be released as a pre-order that will be open for just over 4 days (97 hours total).  More details to come on the exact time that the pre-order will open and close, pricing, sizing, and options available.    

Once the pre-order closes, the sneakers and apparel will go into production.  We will share more information on the scheduled completion time frame as we approach the release.  

Be sure to Bookmark this page as more information will be released here as it becomes available.  

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